Link Building

Why do they call it the world wide web? Because in order to succeed in this digital world, you - or rather your website - needs to be well connected to others. Having a lot of qualitative backlinks proves your worth to search engines like Google. But how do you get those endorsements from other, authoritative sites? Gipfel Marketing offers you a special link building and content service to increase and improve your backlink portfolio. Have a look below to find out what this entails.

Link Building

New links can be hard to come by. Even though good things come to those who wait, there are ways to approach backlinks proactively. Link Building is exactly that: Through our excellent network with sites in various industries, we can help you grow your backlink network and thus improve your search engine ranking. Watch your traffic grow through old and new sources and show search engines what you're made of!

Backlink Audit

Do you know who endorses you and how? Our backlink audit is your way to find out who is leading the conversation about your brands, products, and services. This information can help you develop new strategies and build on existing successes. Gipfel Marketing can provide you with valuable information about your backlinks and help you discover potential and pitfalls for your business.

Content for Link Building

A simple link does not do the trick. Successful link building is conceptualised as content-based marketing. Simply put: You need to grow your backlinks through qualitative - and quantitative - content. Our team of multilingual content specialists is here to create content to promote your brand and achieve measurable results for your search engine optimisation strategy.

FAQ about Link Building

Link building is an art and a science, wrapped in an ever-changing world wide web. Here are some key points about link building that will help you make the right decision for your business.

Should I do Link Building?

In our opinion, link building is an important step in the direction of success for your website. However, it is not the first to be taken in many cases. If you have a well-designed and optimised website, we recommend link building as the next step towards sustainable growth. Let us help you navigate the difficult area of link building for your business!

How is link building for the swiss market?

Of course, link building is not limited to one single market. But if your business is, you will achieve the best success by approaching link building on a national basis. Switzerland has many specialists and authoritative sites that you can benefit from - regardless of your industry, product, or brand.

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