Backlink Audit

Our agency ishighly experienced in the area of backlink audits - from small and medium businesses to the big players. Our process includes the manual examination of all websites linking to yours. With this we ensure that each and every backlink and website meets the quality guidelines of Google and other search engines. This reduces the risk for your website. 
Our backlink audit is performed in three steps. Every step of the way we keep you up to date and work with you to ensure that the search engines accept the request for a review. 

Discovery and backlink audit

In the first step, we look at which websites link to yours. We use a variety of sources as well as our own crawlers to determine which of these links are active. About 30% of the links can be removed from the total through a quality process. This process checks the structure of the links, analyses the page it is located on and evaluates the domain's authority.
In the end, we have a list of websites that we will proceed to manually check to make you an appropriate offer.

Removing backlinks

As soon as every link is manually evaluated and potentially harmful links have been marked, we provide you with the complete list. You can use this list to decide whether you would like to contact the websites yourself or delegate this task to us.
This process takes some time as the contact information for each page has to be gathered before the sites can be contacted. Of course we keep you updated on the progess of this task so you are in the loop at all times.

Reconsideration request

Once we have given the websites enough time to change or remove their backlinks to your website, it is time to inform Google about the steps taken and to provide the search engine with a list of websites that did not respond or react to the request. This process is called a reconsideration request and i simportant if you have already been penalised for any harmful websites linking to yours.

Free Quick Audit

If you are unsure whether you need a backlink audit, we have a quick checklist for you. If any - or worse, all - of the below apply to you, don't risk losing your valuable traffic! Let us give you a free quick audit in form of a backlink report. It will give you a simplified look at where your website stands and whether you need a full backlink audit. Based on this free audit, we can make you an offer for a full backlink audit. 

  • REVENUE - My main source of revenue is generated by organic search traffic.
  • PENALISED - I've received a notification from Google informing me that my website has been penalised
  • TRAFFIC - The traffic to my website has decreased drastically and I don't know why

FAQ about Backlink Audits

If SEO is not what you do on a daily basis, the topic can be confusing. We've taken the most frequent questions we get and give you some quick answers:

How do you check the backlink quality?

Over the past decade, we have checked more than 100'000 websites. This experience has helped our experts develop a gut feeling and routined work process that helps them determine whether a link is good or bad. But there are some key points they consider in this process:
* Is it a side-wide link?
* Is the link located in an advertisement block?
* Does the backlink add value to the page?
* Has the website's SEO performance worsened or improved?
* Is there any spam on the website?
* Is the website targeting your desired customer demographics?

Why not use an automated service?

Yes, there are automated backlink audits available online. However, automation has its technical limitations. The above-mentioned gut feeling is something a machine cannot possess. Automated services can provide you with a superficial summary of bad backlinks. Although this is by no means a bad thing, these list can also include good backlinks which may be too valuable to remove. No two backlinks are exactly the same which is why a manual backlink check is the safest way to proceed.

Is this in line with Google's quality guidelines?

Absolutely. Our process is precisely tailoured to Google's guidelines and the way they intend for webmasters to handle their backlinks. Our method is what Google expects any website to do once they have received a penalty or warning.

Do you offer any discounts?

We're happy to consider discounts in forms of package deals. As we offer a variety of marketing services, we can combine our backlink audits with web development services, on-page SEO audits or content services. Contact us for more information and we're happy to discuss the posibilities!

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