How we work

Think of us as your in-house SEO team. We don’t have account managers, we don’t have sales people. We have leading SEO professions that have managed some of the worlds largest organic traffic websites.

Our SEO Managers work directly with you

Think of our SEO experts as an extension of your Marketing team. We work along-side your team and support them in all SEO related topics. We can also actively do tasks such as updating content directly in your CMS. We have a pool of agencies / freelancers that you’ll have access todo implementations at competitive rates.

We're in the heart of Switzerland

Let us do the strategy 

The hardest part of SEO is making a long-term step-by-step strategy after an audit. This requires years of experience and knowledge of prioritisation and risk management. That is where we shine and Junior SEO managers fail. Let us fill in this gap, help you define a roadmap and task list. Then give these tasks to your internal team, development agency or we can do it for you.

Want to test if SEO is a fit for your business?

Often companies are reluctant to hire a full-time employee for SEO as the costs are high and long-term. Additionally, hiring a great SEO Manager is challenging for small to medium size businesses as you will be competing with large brands for the employee. This means that often you are left with SEO managers whom are not proven, have little experience.

How much does all of this cost?

Dynamic prices - We have a dynamic pricing structure where the duration and amount of hours per week influences our hourly rate.

SEO is not a sprint but a marathon - We want to reward clients that are with us for long-term projects as this is where we can impact the most together. That is why we defined a price structure that is designed around long-term relationships.

You pay for expertise - All our SEO Consultants have at least 5 years doing SEO, Our "Heads of" and "Team leads" with at least 8 to 10 years and "Partners" that have over 12 years experience in SEO. Naturally, the rate changes depending on this seniority

Pricing Range - We work with hourly rates starting from 189 to 425 CHF / Hour exc. VAT. Again, this is dep on.

Price per hour = Expertise / Duration / Hours per week

What is our process for onboarding?

Often we work on the below structure:

We do a quick SEO check (30 min) to determine if the client needs our services and show how we work

We do a detailed SEO audit of the entire website and deliver a list of tasks that need to be completed

We work together with you and your team to implement the action plan


 Why do we have a limitation on number of hours?

As we have multiple clients and need to reserve time for emergency cases, we offer a maximum of 16 hours per week / employee. Which is in our experience also the best option to achieve time goal ratio.

 How many hours can we book?

We work in intervals of 4h slots. i.e. you can book us for Wednesday from 08:00 to 12:00 every week or 16h for a AdHoc SEO Audit.

 What is the most booked plan?

That would be 6 hours / week where 4 hours is fixed and 2 are variable.

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